28th February 2021 by emmadurnford

28th February 2021

Day 345 since the start of the 1st lock down.

It was Karen’s birthday today. I did not go to see her as we are still in the middle of a national lock-down and officially only able to meet one other person outside. Someone else did though, stayed for eight hours round at her house and had dinner with all the family there. I have no idea now what is going on. Knowing of four people who have died from Covid either directly or relatives of close friends and hearing the comments made when certain groups of people blatantly ignore the rules I am at a loss to understand. Perhaps I am bitter as my family live so far away that I don’t get a chance to contemplate breaking lock-down. To be honest though, even if they were closer I would not do so. Professor Jonathan Van-Tam still is making it very clear that we should stick rigidly to the rules or all the benefits of lock down we are seeing will be reversed… but what does he know? He’s only a extremely highly qualified Professor of Virology with decades of experience! Hold tight… days of frostiness and not speaking are ahead… again. I’m so tired of everything now. I long to book a trip abroad and just go… not really possible at the moment though!

I was going to vacuum the downstairs and do the meter readings but I was so pissed off I decided to go for a walk (in daylight rather than our usual Bushy Park head torch runs). Bushy Park was as I expected - packed. However I walked through the Pheasantry and into the Woodland Gardens. The spring flowers are coming out and the birds are all singing now. I could not help being cheered up a bit. I saw eighteen species of bird including a nuthatch and little egret and if you count the South American Rainbow Macaw a couple were walking with on their shoulder it would be nineteen! This is a montage of the spring flowers I spited whilst out and my proper camera got an outing as well.

By the time I walked back home via Sainsbury’s for my dinner I had notched up over 12,000 footsteps and felt a bit better.
Beautiful collage. Walking or exercise in any way helps a little to improve our moods. We have been lucky, blessed with beautiful weather that permits long solitary walks. Sunlight also helps increasing the endorphins and improve our mental status. Fav
March 2nd, 2021  
I love this. So pretty. Adorable and much work.
March 16th, 2021  
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