31st August 2023 by emmadurnford

31st August 2023

So… second time lucky for myself and Sarah as we headed off at lunchtime up town to have another attempt at getting in to see the Freddie Mercury exhibition at Sotherby’s auction house. Last time we tried a week ago, the queue was around 2 blocks This time it was literally around all 4 streets.

We went for a sandwich first in the hope that the queue would lessen which it did a very little. It looks like a long wait but we joined to see how long it would take to progress around one street and by the time we had done this, we felt we had invested too longing queuing to give up! Luckily we had a lovely couple of women behind and two great chaps in front and we joked and laughed out way around until we were just a few meters from the entrance. The rain was lashing down and we had umbrellas up. Finally we were at the entrance albeit with only just over an hour to see the entire exhibition of auction items.

What a show, each room topping the last. From delicate Japanese woodcuts to more Lalique than I’ve ever seen in one place. Walls of sketches by Dali, prints by Picasso and original oils by Chagall. Complete room contents down to literally the kitchen table. Then onto the iconic costumes, gold discs, piano and hand written scores and words.

We had to rush around in about 1.5 hours but could easily have spent another 1-2 hours but we were literally thrown out as it closed. There are just 5 days left to see it before the series of auctions and it was the last chance I would have to see it as we are off to France next week. It the last time that all of Freddie’s ‘life’ will ever be together.

Our backs were aching, feet were tired and we almost but not quite bought the £50 auction brochure but hooray - a fantastic show and actually very poignant.

Goodbye Freddie.
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