Sacrow Heilandskirche by jyokota

Sacrow Heilandskirche

Question: How do you correct the giant lean in the campanile? The church itself is straight, and in reality, the campanile is NOT like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, despite its look. Also, this photo washes out the blue in the tiles of the buildings, but when I played with color levels in Aperture it made the sky look strange. So I kept the color at its original, but the sky still looks blotchy to me.

I was very fortunate to be taken (in a fun convertible, no less!) on a drive through the countryside to the small village of Sacrow to the UNESCO World Heritage Site designated area along the Havel River, including the Church of the Redeemer with its Italian Romanesque Revival architecture, built in 1844. The grounds had lilacs everywhere, and I wanted to include them in the photo, despite the fact that it (and the tall campanile) doesn't allow me to crop for a better composition, photographically speaking.
Answer: I don't know, but I wish I did! I think you have to have a super-expensive lens to avoid distortion, though there is a distortion correction tool in Lightroom 5. I like the colours in the image, and don't think the sky looks at all blotchy!
May 19th, 2013  
Seems like a great trick. Funny about the tower, it seems like perception and angle. I really don't know, but I wonder how approaching from a different angle would play with that?
May 19th, 2013  
I have the same problem when using a wide angle and think there is a post production correction to process, but I have no clue what it would be.
May 19th, 2013  
Looks lilke a lovely area...I love lilacs.
May 20th, 2013  
Interesting I have no clue where this is...have to look it up as we definitely didn't come across it on our way there. Do you use lighroom? You can fix the leaning tower in Lightroom 5. I really like this new feature to correct distortion.
October 3rd, 2013  
@synke -- It's a UNESCO World Heritage site so definitely of some importance, and I enjoyed visiting it. Thanks for tip to use Lightroom. I don't have it, but that feature may be worth getting it! I just took some night photos of Chicago, and all the skyscrapers are leaning inward.
October 4th, 2013  
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