Zauberflöte as a new experience by jyokota

Zauberflöte as a new experience

Despite the fact that I've not been a fan of Mozart's Magic Flute in the past, I decided to take a special opportunity to go to all three that are showing in Berlin right now. What I realized upon seeing the Komische Oper's rendition is that what I don't like about most productions of this opera is the spoken parts because they interrupt the musical flow that typically defines opera. I never understand the words in opera since they are sung in languages I don't know, so it's the music and the staging that I enjoy. Therefore, lines of unsung text I don't know feel like they chop up the musical flow. In the Komische Oper's very original production, the text lines were projected in white on a black screen as in silent film, with font that was decorative, and with some movement to keep your eyes engaged. Best of all, the text was accompanied by music played by this man photographed here, again, like in silent film. This musical bridge gave me a whole new appreciation for the opera as a wholly musical experience.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fascinating way in which projection was used, even if it isn't part of this photo. It can't be characterized as "staging" because the performers interacted with the projections so they served as much more than establishing setting. Especially in the depiction of the queen as a spider, standing high on the white wall with projected spider legs encompassing the stage, the projection served as a way of portraying character. The projection created mood, and propelled action in plot. Fresh, innovative designs throughout, comedic at times and fearful at others, the audience was kept completely engaged visually as well as musically. All for 12 euros!

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I wonder if they'll film this production? It's so original. Who is the director? How'd you get so close to this pianist? Interesting focus. I love that keyboard.
May 19th, 2013  
This may be one of my favorite shots of yours. I love the focus -- the portrait in action feel of it. You've had such great cultural opportunities there and I really like how you've brought 365 into that.
May 19th, 2013  
Great picture, and like Michael asked, how'd you get so close?
May 19th, 2013  
Love this. The focus is fantastic and I love his look of concentration
May 19th, 2013  
Wonderful shot of the keyboardist...he must (literally) have had his hands full!
May 20th, 2013  
This is a really good shot, very well composed and lit.
May 22nd, 2013  
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