Protecting the Dam by kvphoto

Protecting the Dam

"It's easier to floss with barbed wire than admit you like someone in middle school."

--Laurie Halse Anderson--I was privileged to meet Anderson at a literature conference... she writes young adult novels and is a truly gifted author. If you have middle schoolers or have worked with young adults who are 10-14 you will know that she nailed this quote.
Great lines and POV! I can relate to the quote very well. I can still remember what that age was like. =)
February 24th, 2021  
The diagonal lines work for me. Nice focus.
February 25th, 2021  
The quote is very relatable, thanks for taking me back there.....
This photo tells several stories...
February 25th, 2021  
Fabulous, what a great shot for the theme. fav.
February 25th, 2021  
What a quote, lol....super cool shot!
February 25th, 2021  
A stunning capture to go with that amazing quote.
February 25th, 2021  
LOL, great quote and a marvelous image to go with it!
February 25th, 2021  
Very striking image. Fab quote, I have not heard of her.
February 25th, 2021  
Great quote and image.
February 25th, 2021  
Great lines and focus
February 25th, 2021  
A perfect image for the quote.
February 25th, 2021  
Great lines and textures
February 25th, 2021  
Great compositin and lines.
February 25th, 2021  
@marlboromaam Thanks Maggie... & not a time of life I would ever willingly return to!

@cwbill thanks Bill.

@theredcamera thanks Ellen... those are certainly tough years to go through.

@onewing thanks Babs... looking forward to a world of color in March!

@dutchothotmailcom thanks Esther... yes... Anderson nailed it!

@ludwigsdiana thanks Diana... happy you liked the shot & quote.

@aikiuser thanks so much Jenn... now making a picture to literally match the quote would be ever so painful.

@casablanca thanks so much... she is a very talented author and when I worked in high school libraries her works were well received

@wakelys thanks Susan.

@k9photo thanks Kate.

@merrelyn thanks Merrelyn... I'd be afraid to see a photo with a literal interpretation of the quote... ouch!

@yolanda thanks Yolanda.

@haskar thanks you haskar.
February 25th, 2021  
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