Water line by rhoing

Water line

There have been crews all over town installing fiber optic. Looks like it’s coming to our neighborhood soon as the city has marked the water line.

Observant visitors will notice that that water line doesn’t track with the sidewalk. In the foreground, the buried water pipe is between the sidewalk and the street. At the upper-right, the line and flags are on the opposite side of the sidewalk. Explanation: we live on a curved street. (Our street is actually U-shaped, intersecting with the same street at opposite ends.)

Yeeaah; another lame post…

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Does putting in the fiber optic cable mean tearing up the sidewalks?
January 10th, 2023  
@thewatersphotos In some places, yes, but mostly no. It was really a fascinating operation, even if the follow-through and clean-up took a few *months*.
January 10th, 2023  
@rhoing Good to hear!
January 10th, 2023  
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