i'm on top of the world... by summerfield

i'm on top of the world...

and about to land on the stopover/plane change at o'hare. this was taken yesterday afternoon on our descent at o'hare domestic airport in chicago on the way to san francisco. i had to crop much of the wing to give a nicer perspective to this photo. was going to post clouds, but unless superman was flying beside the plane there really was no appeal to it.

i'm awake but it's only 4 in the morning here in san francisco. my next post will be late as my friend and i won't be in manila until late friday night which would already be saturday in canada/US/UK times.

thank you for staying with me and i apologize if i am unable to get to your pics and comment on them while on this trip. hopefully after friday, i should have more interesting photos to present to you.
i think this is a very interesting photo - coming from someone who does NOT travel, this is fascinating. taking a trip without leaving my house. thank you so much for sharing. love this view.
November 10th, 2011  
Cool airoplane window seat pic,(Guess someone swapped), i have never taken one believe it or not
November 10th, 2011  
Very interesting- like the wing in it.
November 10th, 2011  
ooooh, but this is such a cool shot!!!! And a great way to share your trip with us! I love it!!
November 11th, 2011  
nice one, you sweet talked someone to swap with you after all...
November 11th, 2011  
Cool shot! Have a great time!
November 12th, 2011  
I love that view...the one from a plane as you are coming in to land somewhere different, new...
November 13th, 2011  
nice shot!
November 15th, 2011  
Nicely done. I always find shots from planes give a great view
November 26th, 2011  
@catsmeowb - i was surprised at how this turned out, too. thank you, camille.

@steeler - the plane was so small, the left row only had single seats and the right row were two-seaters. thank you, howard.
December 6th, 2011  
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