Alexandria - Past Present and Future  by boxplayer

Alexandria - Past Present and Future

A quick interesting read about the history of Alexandria from its creation in 331BCE through the various periods of domination by different groups, Greeks, Arabs, Ottomans, the British, and on to its current state as an Egyptian city.

Before the deluge

20 September 2023
Walthamstow E17
Looks a very interesting read
September 20th, 2023  
Agree, it sounds like a very interesting read.
September 20th, 2023  
You planning a trip?
September 21st, 2023  
@jamibann I wasn't but I might now!
September 21st, 2023  
What amazing trip it be! Looks a great read too
September 21st, 2023  
September 22nd, 2023  
Thanks for this, will definitely look it up - I was born in Alexandria - we came as refugees to England when I was six
September 28th, 2023  
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