Jenny by phil_sandford


(and I wrote that with Tom Hank's voice in my head crying out "Jenny" as he waded through the Reflecting Pool in Washington DC in the film Forest Gump).

We've had a Jenny Wren in our garden for a number of years now, incredibly shy, keeps very much to the edge of the garden, on the fence line, keeping herself (or possibly himself, I don't know) to herself). I catch her now and then, flitting across the fence and every now and then, like today, I get a photo.

Not as small as the UK smallest bird (the goldcrest) but it's pretty much up there with it.

Thanks for dropping by
Such a pretty little bird to have in your garden - I have also had a little Jenny Wren in my garden for years - I only see a fleeting glance of her from time to time - never long enough to capture , but love the fact that she is there !!
January 22nd, 2024  
A nice out of the way place, she must feel safer there. She’s sweet.
January 22nd, 2024  
Great actor… your Jenny wren is very cute & lovely to see.
Lovely photo
January 22nd, 2024  
January 22nd, 2024  
Well captured. They are so tiny you are lucky to see them. How lovely to have a permanent resident in your garden
January 22nd, 2024  
Nice capture of this little bird.
January 22nd, 2024  
Nice capture
January 22nd, 2024  
All I can hear now is Tom Hanks
January 23rd, 2024  
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