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For years I had a small red Canon Powershot. It was always in my purse and I was happily photographing my daughter throughout her childhood. I stopped taking photos after I bought a shiny Canon 60D kit at Costco. It came out of its box for good when I took a community college course in photography which helped me deciphering my DSLR. Seing my enthusiasm my husband offered me a Canon R6 for Christmas 2022 (my daughter skillfully selected the model).

I am an impulsive photographer. My pictures are average at best and when I get a cute pic it's more luck than careful planning. Despite my photographic flaws I love taking photographs, it's always a refreshing, exciting experience and a moment just for myself (how selfish this sounds).

365 is my photography heaven. I enjoy looking at your photos, from the daily picture of your everyday life, the beautifully composed landscape, the daring portrait, the innovative digital creation to the amazing wild life capture.

You all inspire me to continue my photographic journey.

On 365 since October 2020.
Living in Vermont USA
From Toulouse, France

Grateful for the comments and fav:

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