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I joined 365Project on October 2020 just in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. I always liked photography but I started this hobby only in 2017 with a beginner class at our local community college.
365Project is not just a place where to post my pictures, it is also a wonderful community.

My equipment
I use a Canon R6 with various Canon, Tamron and Tokina lenses.
I also take a lot of pictures with my iPhone, mainly when I forget my camera home.

What I shot
I don't have a style or a favorite subject. I love trying different things and seek to learn more techniques. However I have tendency to go close to my subjects and I am fascinated with macro photography. I also love night photography and of course I am such a beginner that I have many, many years of learning in front of me :-)

I have Lightroom for organizing most of my pictures.
I also have a Photoshop subscription and I'm trying to learn it a bit at a time.

Grateful for the comments and fav:

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