So posts have come to this… by rhoing

So posts have come to this…

This bridge has been closed for a few months. It necessitates annoying detours for us, but the roadbed has been poured and perhaps it will be open again soon.

But, yes, this is what my 365 posts have become. :-\
Trying to make it to my 10-year 365-anniversary and re-evaluate…

Looking back
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5 years ago: “The ‘hot seat’: So this is retirement?”
6 years ago: “Nepenthes alata”
7 years ago: “Circle of stars”
8 years ago: “Time to grow!”
9 years ago: “The rose bush thinks it’s still September or October!”

[ PXL_20201105_212710148SOOC12x9tm :: cell phone ]
Great details on the progress! WTH? You can't leave us.
January 12th, 2021  
Another day in the life!
January 12th, 2021  
Interesting structures to get this bridge rebuild
January 13th, 2021  
It is life, right now.
January 13th, 2021  
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