1) Snow Geese by *lynn

2) Fishing at Sunset by Babs

3) A bleak landscape! by Issi Bannerman

4) A sacred heart by joeyM

5) Hummer Before We Left by Jane Pittenger

6) Checking me out by Diana

7) Chichi......... by ~*~ Jo ~*~

8) Cherry Blostom by JackieR

9) Kissing the Shoreline by CC Folk

10) 2022-03-05 seafoam by Mona

11) Like all babies, nap time by Esther Rosenberg

12) Song Sparrow by gloria jones

13) Bridge at the Fish and Duck by Boxplayer

14) Çrocus by Beryl Lloyd

15) Purple #1 by Shutterbug

16) I'm so grateful to be here by KoalaGardens🐨

17) Ellie and Sam by Shepherdman's Wife

18) Mandarin. by tony gig

19) Cover is open by haskar

20) Gone But Not Forgotten by bkb in the city

  1. Snow Geese by lynnz

  2. Fishing at Sunset by onewing

  3. A bleak landscape! by jamibann

  4. A sacred heart by joemuli

  5. Hummer Before We Left by jgpittenger

  6. Checking me out by ludwigsdiana

  7. Chichi......... by ziggy77

  8. Cherry Blostom by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

  9. Kissing the Shoreline by gardenfolk

  10. 2022-03-05 seafoam by mona65

  11. Like all babies, nap time by dutchothotmailcom

  12. Song Sparrow by seattlite

  13. Bridge at the Fish and Duck by boxplayer

  14. Çrocus by beryl

  15. Purple #1 by shutterbug49

  16. I'm so grateful to be here by koalagardens

  17. Ellie and Sam by shepherdmanswife

  18. Mandarin. by tonygig

  19. Cover is open by haskar

  20. Gone But Not Forgotten by bkbinthecity


Many people ask me questions about how photos and ranking are chosen for the Top 20. This discussion is usually a grievance that their photo should have been on the list or they are being singled out and the system is unfair in some way.
I want to make clear that this list is generated by a computer algorithm, it looks at some aspects of the photos stats.. like how many "Favs" the photo had in the last 7 days, the date the photo was posted on etc. It then attempts to rank those photos.

Unfortunately the computer sometimes disagrees with your personal opinion. No person or the computer has enough information to make a perfect decision about this... for example a user may have stolen a photo from the internet and posted it as their own.. it's extremely difficult to identify when that happens... so mistakes happen... people frequently try to cheat systems like this, I have tried to make it as equitable as possible, but please know that this page, this algorithm is dumb, it's making guesses based on some numbers in a machine, and it doesn't have all the information it would really need to make a perfect decision, it's making trade-offs and guesses.

This top 20 is not a true reflection of anyones photography skills, self worth, or anything else, its only intention is some light entertainment. No person is ever singled out favourable or unfavourably.

Please know I don't want any person to feel bad or upset about the contents of this page (or the popular page etc). It's just a computer making guesses and you personally are worth a lot more to this community, your family, friends etc than the computer could ever know.

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