Tuesday's Gone  by boxplayer

Tuesday's Gone

Second in a series featuring Frieda Klein, a psychotherapist who helps the police solve crimes. Fairly gripping. And has been sitting on my reading pile for years - trying to get to the older ones.

Stressful day. I was fretting about the window work and scaffolding starting this week anyway when the troublesome café owner emailed to say the scaffolders had arrived today (rather than the expected tomorrow) and she couldn't open blah blah.

She's been so obstructive and I've just found out she's a she, thought I'd been talking to the husband but apparently they're both called Alex.

Worked from home and T and B did some work in the morning also before a quick lunch and heading off home via mum's to drop her off.

3 good things
1. This window week has started, and odds are all will be finished this time next week.
2. Tunes have arrived for a forthcoming music workshop week - time to practice - and a new case for my accordion.
3. Have felt so stressed, almost didn't bother to think of good things but this is when you need them most - and it's helped!

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5 June 2023
Walthamstow E17
Intéressant j'adore lire
June 5th, 2023  
Poor you, they all can seem so picky! Try & ignore them all, as long as the work is being done!
June 5th, 2023  
Your book sounds interesting. Have you finished or just starting?
June 5th, 2023  
@busylady finished!
June 5th, 2023  
@boxplayer Was it good? I just finished 'Lessons in Chemistry'. Brilliant!
June 5th, 2023  
@busylady yes, relatively unputdownable! But I do love a murder mystery...
June 5th, 2023  
June 5th, 2023  
Take care……
June 5th, 2023  
Like you I'm trying to read the older books I've had for years but I'm alternating between old and new. I've never read any of Nicci French, I see there are 8 books in this series and they do sound interesting.
June 6th, 2023  
Can't believe they are both named Alex. Hahaha. Hope things work out with the scaffolding.
June 6th, 2023  
I don’t know of this book by Nicci French - I’ve read a few of her others, enjoyed them. Lovely bookmark!
June 7th, 2023  
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