Return of the whistling duck by boxplayer

Return of the whistling duck

In St James's Park on the way into the office.

Really busy day, mainly meetings and a stupid flurry of urgent questions all conducted via 4 different Skype conservations in a 15 minute window between meetings. So left late to rush home for a comfort supper of mozzarella veggie burgers in pitta.

3 good things
1. Geese and ducks - love them.
2. January's over, light's coming - all downhill to Christmas from here.
3. Comfort food and the last episode of Winterwatch on iPlayer - though managed to doze off again half way through.

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31 January 2023
St James's Park SW1
Posing nicely for you.
February 1st, 2023  
That is such a cute duck. Love the huge feet and blueish feet and bill
February 1st, 2023  
Is that bill really blue? wow.
February 1st, 2023  
So cute.
February 1st, 2023  
What a lovely little chap and great colours too.
February 1st, 2023  
February 1st, 2023  
A most attractive duck! I love his big silvery-blue webbed feet and bill; he must be an excellent swimmer.
February 1st, 2023  
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