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May 2022
I'm still here and enjoying the photos, the creativity and the stories of my fellows "365ers".

March 2021
We moved to New England where we are renovating an old folk Victorian house built in 1890. While the renovation is taking a long time and we are slow moving in, I enjoy capturing my surroundings. I find it challenging to post a picture a day, so some pictures will be much more mundane and boring than others.

October 2020
French-born and raised, I live in Arizona with my husband and my daughter. Two spoiled German Shepherd dogs lead the household. We are all home studying or working, enjoying the Sonoran desert.
I have been doing photography for a few years. I took one basic course at a community college. I need to greatly improve on my technique in general and grow my artistic side, which has been muted for a long time.

Grateful for the comments and fav:

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